Redgrave Church

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The Bells are back

The Redgrave bells are back in service again.
The 6 bells dating from 1736 & 1785 and the bell-frame from 1784 were at Nicholsons workshops in Bridport for refurbishment of the bells and total repair of the bell-frame from November 2017 until
January 2019. The bells were re-tuned to form a better scale. One third of the timber on the bell-frame had to be replaced, 100 joints taken apart and refitted, 50 substantial steel corner brackets fitted, and 4 corner posts were added with massive steel brackets . All was built onto a new steel girder frame set into the tower walls for added stability.
Tree ring dating of some of the replaced timbers confirmed the frame dating as the trees were felled
in spring 1782. The frame is believed to have been built in the estate workshops 300 yards away from estate oaks probably using the saw pit shown on old maps.
Albert Drivers magnificent bequest paid for the work which should now mean that the bell installation is good for the next 100 years.

Mar 06 2019 |

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