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The Pre-raphaelites


This Spring History Workshop will appeal to all our supporters who have asked for lectures on the vast field of art, as it deals with the engaging subject of the Pre-Raphaelites. The experienced tutor will consider that group of young artists who, during the mid-19th century, reacted against the contemporary teaching of art at the Royal Academy, and how their response formed what became known as the “Pre-Raphaelite Movement”.

Not only the art, but also the lives, subject matter, models, wives and lovers of Rossetti, Holman Hunt and Millais, the three young men who founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, will be considered by the tutor. She will look at the different experiences of the artists, and how these affected their work, as well as examining their style and, importantly, their patronage. An absorbing day will include time for discussion and questions, as well as the following:

*The historical, social and cultural background of the Brotherhood
*Their inspiration, including the poets Tennyson & Keats, and the Bible
*The different personalities and work of the artists
*Finding out who advised that child prodigy Millais should be a chimney sweep?

: Jean Smith pays a welcome return visit to the Redgrave History Workshops, where she has lectured on Victorian Art, the Linens & Woollens of East Anglia, and Van Dyck in England. She is a well-known history lecturer, with a special interest in both costume history and narrative art of the Victorian period. After training at Hastings School of Art, Jean taught for 30 years at Norwich City College, and is currently busy lecturing for many different organisations throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.

May 24 2018 |

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